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CTSP | Fees and Payment Options

Programme Fees and Payment Options

CTSP is devoted to providing high-quality education and training that's accessible to everyone! We've made it our mission to generate sustainable hair science and trichology career pathways and foster sector-wide diversity.


As a not-for-profit company, we've designed fee structures and payment options that help us to facilitate our mission objectives in several ways:


  • We have purposefully developed our courses to distinct accredited levels so that learners can progress their studies to a level that suits their needs, without taking on the financial and time commitment of a degree-level programme. This gives maximum flexibility for learners as they work towards becoming a registered Clinical Trichologist, allowing them to pause or stop their studies at discrete stages while gaining an internationally recognised, fully transferable, accredited programme after each step of their journey.

  • We keep our course fees as low as possible and work hard with our sponsors and industry partners to lessen the financial burden for our learners. This explains why our programmes of study or short courses are priced individually.

  • We have developed payment plans to spread the cost of our accredited programmes, making learning with the CTSP more affordable and providing wider access to those wanting to study or work in this exciting sector.

  • Programme fees are currently not subject to VAT, and include Awarding Body Registration fees, access to all learning materials, academic and tutor support, examinations and assessments, and Certification (subject to successful completion of programme). So no hidden costs!

Option 1.

Pay for your programme upfront in one easy payment.

Study Your Way.

Whether you decide to pay upfront or in instalments, you'll have full access to the range of resources, benefits and opportunities that come from studying with the CTSP.

Option 2.

Pay for your programme in three equal instalments, conveniently scheduled throughout the duration of your course. 

For our full payment terms and conditions please contact us!

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