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What is Trichology?

The history of trichology in the UK dates back over 100 years to when a group of like-minded doctors, scientists and hairdressers sought to define the subset of science and study that pertains to hair anatomy, hair physiology, common scalp and hair diseases and disorders, as well as the psychological impact of alopecia (hair loss). Since then, trichology has developed and diverged in many ways, and the modern day 'trichologist' might mean different things to different people, but at its heart, trichology remains intrinsic to the study of hair and the scalp.

How Trichology is Changing

In the UK the practice of trichology is unregulated. While many reputable associations and professional groups ensure high standards of training and require regular continued professional development, the term 'trichologist' in the UK is not currently a protected title. Sadly, this means the title can be used indiscriminately by anyone with any skill level and any level of training.

It's safe to say that the vast majority of reputable trichologists within the profession believe this needs to be addressed promptly. This is why trichology is in such an exciting and unprecedented moment in its history.

The desire to see the profession develop into a regulated, more sustainable and more responsible sector has never been higher. Our experts at CTSP welcome these advancements because we recognise how important they are, both for maintaining the public's safety and creating sustainable career opportunities for practising trichologists. Win-win!

What is Clinical Trichology?

Clinical Trichology is an exciting evolution of trichology that is aligned more closely with the high standards and rigorous education pathways expected of allied healthcare professions. This is a systemic shift away from some of the two-day trichology courses available elsewhere.


This important and much needed development is paving the way for trichology to become more integrated within the national healthcare system, raise the public's trust in registered Clinical Trichologists and strengthen the argument for a Trichologist becoming a 'protected title'.

What is trichology?

How CTSP is Helping Establish 'Clinical Trichology'

Our mission has always been to provide the highest standard of trichological education and training available in the UK. We believe degree-level education is the first and most crucial step for aligning trichologists with the allied healthcare professions.


CTSP are developing accredited, degree-level programmes of study, expertly crafted to produce Clinical Trichologists that comfortably meet and exceed the high standards of a National Occupation Standard competent trichologist, and who will subsequently be eligible for registration as a Clinical Trichologist under one of the emerging, government backed, registration schemes available in the UK.

CTSP and The National Occupational Standards (NOS)

CTSP faculty members are proud to be shaping the future of trichology by working closely with The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) – recognised by the government as the ‘Standard Setting Body’ for the Hair and Beauty Industry, including trichology. 


CTSP faculty were key members of the HABIA Expert Working Groups (EWG), comprised of sector specialists appointed to develop the new National Occupational Standard (NOS). NOS are used for developing skills and knowledge including direct transfer into vocational and other qualifications, frameworks for training programmes, measures of workplace competence, and influencing job descriptions. 


NOS set out the standards of performance practitioners must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. Together with its expert working groups, HABIA develop and review NOS for the hair, beauty, trichology and aesthetic sectors, which are consulted on and approved on a four-nation basis.


Stephanie Moore and Iain Sallis continue to work closely with HABIA to develop the next suite of NOS in Advanced Trichology following the successful publication of the first ever Trichology NOS in April 2021. 


CTSP programmes map directly to the new Trichology NOS – so you can be assured your studies meet the latest standards for best practice. 

Dr Elizabeth Raymond Brown, Chair of the Trichology Expert Working Group stated:

It has been a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals and experts in the field of trichological practice. The new Trichological Services suite is very much needed and I hope will raise the professional standing of this sector in the delivery of safe and effective care and management of hair and scalp disorders and hair loss. I am grateful to my colleagues in the expert working group for their time and attention to detail in developing this NOS, and for the support and guidance provided by HABIA/SkillsActive in bringing this important project to fruition. 

- May 2021

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