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CTSP | Advanced Trichological Training

  The Student Experience  

 More than just a course...   

Learning Platform
and Extensive Tutor Support

Our custom-designed, university standard virtual learning environment (VLE) provides a rich and immersive 'Digital-First' learning experience.

Within each module, you'll find seamlessly integrated eBooks, videos, quizzes and more, to ensure your studies are simple and engaging from day one.

Learning online shouldn't mean learning alone. So to support your learning journey, CTSP have an experienced and dedicated academic and pastoral tutor to guide you, helping to develop your study skills to become an articulate and critical learner and writer. Our study guides and tutor groups help with time management, assignment planning and exam revision - making you feel part of something bigger and offering so much more than just a course.

Student Experience

Google Workspace
For Education

With access to your own CTSP Google Workspace for Education account, CTSP provide all the digital tools you need to become an efficient and effective independent learner.


Designed with connectivity and productivity at its core, you'll find countless ways to enhance your student experience, engage with your fellow learners and get more from your studies with access to this full suite of apps and tools.

 TRI Princeton

Library Access


Need to make that assignment extra special? Or keen to know more and deepen your learning?

We've got you covered with full access to the TRI Princeton online library.  Jam-packed with hundreds of learning resources and video content, it will satiate even the hungriest of learner's appetites!  

TRI Libary1.png
TRI Libary2.png

Unique Access to

ITC Talks & Conferences

Professional conferences are an integral part of the scientific community, and it's never too soon to start attending these great learning and networking events to set you up on a path of life-long learning.

In collaboration with our fantastic industry partners, CTSP gives its learners a raft of opportunities to attend professional talks, conferences and CPD events worldwide - either in-person or online.

What our Students Say:

"After so many years of being out of the classroom – learning again was challenging but the guidance and support from the CTSP tutors has been a strong point for me."

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the pace, material, instruction, and privileges of the level 4 course so far!"

"I really liked the style of assessment, it felt relevant for someone looking to work in the field of Trichology and allowed you to really apply what we have learnt to 'real life' examples."

"The programme has a friendly student-centred atmosphere and it really feels as though our learning is your top priority."

Emma's Experience

"I'd quite like to press rewind!

That is how much I've enjoyed it!"

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